The Doctor? The Murderer.


Everyone, let’s make sure not to forget the times that Moffat’s companions have died…at the hand of the Doctor himself.

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Creepy yet cool - it is very affecting

So, a few years ago, when my mom and I still lived in Tucson, AZ, we were driving back from her cousins at around 9 PM. I am generally alert on road trips, so I’m always looking around.

I noticed white lights in the sky - in a V formation - and pointed them out to mom. We tried to make sense of it, saying it was the reflection of car lights on our windshield, but that didn’t fit. Because they moved up, in tandem, and then back down. Like they were at an air show. I was convinced I was seeing alien aircraft. So was mom.

Now, this is relevant because I am editing a show transcript where they’re talking about the 1997 Phoenix Lights. I had heard about them in passing but never knew any detail until I started this project. The footage showed, and the descriptions I heard, are exactly what I saw.

Now, I’m open minded, but I’m not a conspiracy nut and I do apply logic to things. But think about it. Same state, same formation. It could have been military testing, because yeah - Arizona. But I’m thinking not.

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I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now



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If I don’t stop rolling my eyes, they’ll stick that way

I’m spiritual. I don’t care what people say about people who call themselves that because it’s true. I believe in God and Jesus - not the church. So I’m not religious.

That being said, someone remind me periodically to never take a project at work that involves priests of any kind speaking about things. Please.

Else I’ll give myself mucho headaches when I hear things like, “A marriage is a bond, a union, between a man and a woman” and “Without marriage, we have no correct procreation, and no family that is important to society.”

Seriously, a random warning blast, bolded and in all caps, would be periodically welcome.

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gallifreyslostson said: I had them when I lived in Phoenix. That always sucked sooooo bad…

Yeah, this isn’t the first time we’ve had them, but the first time, they weren’t this bad. I think that was in Tucson, though. and Kansas is the hairy, sweaty armpit of America, so… they were still bad in Arizona, of course, but we really weren’t given a choice here. Blech.

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Cox Cable sucks. I work from home and have lost quite a few projects (I get paid on a per project basis) because of the slow connection or because the connection keeps dropping 4 or 5 times a day - sometimes for hours. And the problem with this is that I think my apartment is contracted with Cox - meaning we can’t go anywhere else for internet. We’ve looked!

I have half a mind to send Cox a bill for lost wages. I know it won’t do anything, but it would make a point. Fuckers.

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